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Time travel: first Christmas in Italy

Food! Yes, I smell food every time I opened the door of this country house, whose Christmas decoration and toys almost blocked me from making any movement. There was a huge dining table laid across the living room, with unusually pleasant looking plates and cutlery. The white candle, surrounded by the bright red and contrasting green Christmas […]

Uni-day in Verona

On Saturday the 1st of December we went to the Job&Orienta in Verona where we had the chance to get more information about all the universities, especially the ones we personally were interested in. We left the school at 7:30 am with Ms Elettra and Ms Elisa and on our way to Verona we picked up also Ms Sara. When […]

Thanksgiving Dinner

On Wednesday the 28th of November, here in GSO we (students) organised a Thanksgiving dinner. We wanted to make people aware of how lucky they are being loved and show them our gratefulness. The Thanksgiving dinner is an event which has the purpose to promote the gratitude and the love in our environment. The dinner started at 7.15 pm […]

A day in Ferrara

On Saturday, the 29th of September we (Anna, Blanca and Elisabetta) together with all of GSO students and Mrs Kim went to Ferrara for a trip. The purpose of this amazing trip was to let both Italian and International students know a little more about the country they are studying and living in. We planned all the trip in detail with the […]

The beginning of a new year

Farah, Sithis, Oliveira, Sara, Anna, Grigorii, Lorenzo, Giacomo, Eva, Pietro, Aayan, Elisabetta and Blanca. These are the names of the students who, on the 3rd of September 2018, felt the nervousness and excitement for GSO’s new school year. We all met in the library with the professors, the staff and the house parents. There, we were given an […]