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Uni-day in Verona

On Saturday the 1st of December we went to the Job&Orienta in Verona where we had the chance to get more information about all the universities, especially the ones we personally were interested in.

We left the school at 7:30 am with Ms Elettra and Ms Elisa and on our way to Verona we picked up also Ms Sara. When we arrived in Verona we were very excited to begin this outstanding experience.

We stayed at Job&Orienta until lunch time, we visited a lot of stands of many different universities and we did some workshops such as the Croce Rossa’s and the Firemen’s ones.  

There were a lot of interesting stands but the cool fact is that there were also international stands such as Spain and England which were very attractive.

We later had a nice walk around Verona with our unique guide Oliveira who brought us to the Arena of Verona, to the city center and to the Juliet’s Balcony of the renowned story of William Shakespeare “Romeo and Juliet”.

Afterwards, we had some free time and we splitted into few groups – we went all around the city center to stay together and know each other a bit better.

These opportunities all together are very useful to establish a healthy and genuine friendship within us students.

This trip was a cure-all for our relationships and for our culture too, an experience that we would love to repeat in the future.

Elisabetta Casonato


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