Co-curricular-programme-activities - GSO


In addition to the opportunities for study and training support, Gentium Schola Opitergium organises and supports a range of co-curricular activities, closely interconnected with the Core Curriculum Requirements of the IB, to provide students with further opportunities for personal growth.

The large school campus, safe and welcoming, and the wealth of possibilities for collaboration within the rich surrounding area, provide an ideal environment for the discovery, development and sharing of students’ talent, always at the center of the school programme.


Talent is the recurrent behaviour of a person who demonstrates, in the community of reference, excellent and systematic mastery in the development of knowledge, skills and competences in one or more areas of human activities. Talent develops due to the correlation of at least three factors: multiple intelligence, motivation and interpersonal relation.

Our school offers direct contact with successful people in their specific fields, whether creative or business, who will share their experiences with our students and eventually motivate them to vigorously pursue their interests and talents.


Links with national and international schools and organisations will be fostered for sharing students’ passions, ideas and talents.
The strong partnerships in the area, as well as the ability to access the international community of the Works of the Congregation of the Josephites of Murialdo, are also valuable resources for the GSO community.

In addition to curricular activities, students will have the opportunity to carry out various initiatives and activities during school days and weekends in synergy with the city, the territory and the Brandolini Rota Institute.