Campus - GSO


GSO is a boarding school, a college with a family atmosphere that guarantees both privacy and the possibility of sharing, in addition to the creation of friendships necessary for daily life in a school community attentive to the needs of everyone.

A true “family away from home”, a place of community life and learning in which students develop a sense of maturity, responsibility and independence.

The educators chosen by GSO to take care of the Boarding school, share the mission of the school and work to involve students in community life

Talent is the recurrent behaviour of a person who demonstrates, in the community of reference, excellent and systematic mastery in the development of knowledge, skills and competences in one or more areas of human activities.

Talent develops due to the correlation of at least three factors: multiple intelligence, motivation and interpersonal relation.

Boarding School

The adults responsible for the well-being of boarding students are carefully selected for their experience and commitment to the overall mission of the school and ability to engage students in being active contributors to the ethos and culture of residential life.


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