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Our Vision

We aspire to a world in which education is a generative agent of change, through the discovery of personal talents and the realisation of one’s full potential - with the aim of using that potential for the greater good.

Gentium Schola Opitergium is called “International School of Talents” and offers a university preparatory programme which puts the individual with his or her own talents at the center of the learning process.

The recognition, development and sharing of talent in a safe and caring environment is the very essence of this school community.

In a mutually supportive social environment in which everyone – students, teachers, staff, and parents – is considered a learner, students are encouraged to develop themselves and to discover new talents.

Our School is located in Oderzo

Discover our wonderful city and the nearby

IST, standing for International School of Talents, emphasising innovation and openness towards the modernity, by virtue of a modern use of the word international, keeping together the peoples, in order to achieve fruitful collaborations with countries across the world.


Teachers bring engagement, professionalism, and a strong commitment to foster all students’ passions, potential, and development. They strive continuously to improve or add to their understanding of pedagogy and the social dynamics of a learning community.