Brandofestival 2019 - GSO

Brandofestival 2019

On April, 5th, GSO students joined the Brando Festival and showed off their incredible vocal skills, which were acquired from our weekend singing class.

Lines after lines of red comfortable seats were placed in front of the trembling stage, where multi-colour lights were playing around like dancing blossoming flowers in the chilly evening of springtime. The theatre was filled with both pleasant thunderstorm and soothing wind of echoing voices. The night gets brighter as the first rock’n’roll performance started. Suddenly, their hearts were snatched away by emotionally overwhelming performances. Regardless, the sound of the applause always brightened up the room and the faces of the exhausting singers on stage.

The black curtain, however, concealed the running-arounds and the large preparation. Classes of singing, natural talents, and the construction of one single performance were actually the most exhilarating parts. We stepped out of our room to an actual stage, where we performed an entire song. As simple as it may sound, the emotion and dedication placed inside it were the main elements and should be its core focus.

The commitment, the passion, and the enthusiasm that our students showed during their performances were both the talents they possessed and our job as the school to enrich it.

Sithis Yim Samnang

Boarding student

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