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Graduation Day

Some weeks ago, the 22nd of May 2019 at Brandolini theatre there was the graduation ceremony where our IST-Multicampus DP2 students, Sithis, Farah and Oliveira, together with the DP2 students of the campus of Roncade, Matilde, Eugenia, Tommaso, Riccardo, Luigi, Mirko and Gianluca have eventually celebrated these two scholastic years spent together with the ups and downs of the life of an IB student!

At the beginning all the people were very nervous (but in a positive way) and all of us, students, teachers, staff, parents and friends were truly excited for them. The ceremony started with a speech of the headmaster, Mr. Giordano Casonato, that encouraged the students to live a life full of happiness, to always develop their talents and to never give up on their dreams. He was followed but the mayor of Oderzo Mrs. Maria Scardellato that expressed her happiness and pride of having such a school in the town. Later, she was followed by another amazing speech that came directly from the heart of the IB Coordinator Mrs. Kim Philot. She made a very outstanding speech that started with the letter A of the alphabet and that finished with the letter Z: for each letter of the alphabet she found a noun or an adjective to address the 10 students that were about to receive their certificate. There was a speech that made a lot of people cry and realise that life never stop surprising us. Mrs. Kim has a great heart that never stops “bleeding love” for all the people around her.

Thereafter, we watched an amazing video about the adventures that our DP2s lived in these two years, and later we have heard a speech coming directly from Farah who was the students chosen to represent the campus of Oderzo. Farah’s speech left everybody without a word, it was possible to understand the gratefulness she was expressing through the words she was saying. Right after it we watched a video about Roncade campus and we heard the speech of Eugenia, the student chosen as spokesperson for her campus. Eugenia’s speech was mostly dedicated to the students and their future lives, it was truly inspiring and motivational.

After lots of speeches half in Italian, half in English the students finally received the certificate while their names were called one by one. Right after it, Mrs. Kim told them to move their tassels from the right to the left and the meaning of it, it’s to always use their hearts in making decisions. Then, they all threw their mortarboards in the air like in the American teenage movies about high schools.

So that day, one of the amazing life chapters of our DP2 students who were the first to attend this school, the first to actually have a ceremony, the first to live and learn how to live within the walls of the school of talents, came to an end.

We, as mates, friends and students, wish them all the best from life and we thank them for the stunning time spent together!

Elisabetta Casonato


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