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Engim experience: are you ready for pizza?

On Wednesday the 27th of March, all of us, students of GSO, experienced a great cooking class. We have learnt how to make pizza!

The students of Engim school of the third year, located in Collegio Brandolini Rota, have welcomed us in their laboratory with their fun teacher Mr. Paolo Favaro, the organizer of the event who is also the English teacher Mrs. Chiara Ceselin and the teacher of bread-making Carlo Dalla Longa.

The professor Favaro showed us how to make pizza and then one by one we started making our own pizza with the help of the students that accompanied us throughout all the process. Mr Favaro taught us how to stretch out the dough, how much tomato sauce to put in each dough as well as how much mozzarella. Then we have put it into the oven and in 3 minutes it was ready. After we have cut the pizza, we all ate more than a slice, it was delicious.

It has been an outstanding experience! We became very friends of the students of Engim – indeed, the day after they came to visit us in our school.

We hope we’ll have the chance to do another culinary experience with them, perhaps this time we’ll cook something sweet like biscuits or cakes!

Watch the video of this experience!

Elisabetta Casonato


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