Do I need to undergo a selection process?

Yes, you do. To become a GSO student, it is mandatory to undergo a selection process made of documents fulfilling and individual interviews with one or more of our coordinators.
They will evaluate, in addition to the student’s scholastic grades and attitude towards individual study, the student’s psychological profile, his/her capability of attending such a demanding programme, potentially also far from home.

Can a student attend any school before GSO?

Yes. The kind of education offered at GSO is equal to any other Italian “liceo”. Therefore, the student coming from a liceo will easily pass the selection steps, whereas a student coming from another kind of institute will simply need to sit some tests to evaluate his/her entry level.

Do students need a minimum level of English to get on the selection process?

The student needs to be able to understand and to reply to teachers and tutors. The student needs to be able to understand the instructions given. The student’s level of English will be evaluated through a quick language test. In addition, it is mandatory that the student is rightly motivated to join this programme.

Is there a test to enter GSO?

Yes, the student needs to complete two tests to evaluate English and Mathematics level. The student will also sit an interview with the Coordinator and, potentially, also with the school counsellor.


How can I decide School subjects?

How much time do I have if I change my mind? Students take a minimum of one subject from each subject group in addition to other subjects in line with their own interests. At the end of the 2-year programme, students take examinations in six subjects. If the student realises that one of the subjects taken doesn’t fit his/her interests, he has up to 2 weeks to apply for another.

How will students be fallowed inside and outside the classrooms?

Within the entire school community, students will have a number of staff members at their disposal who can help them both for tasks, projects or research, and for the need for personal support. For this reason among the GSO staff will be present also educational consultants, psychologists and House Parents, who are the “parents” of the school.

How can I stay updated on my child's activities and progress?

For parents, an interactive forum will be made available, thanks to which they will be able to follow the academic progress of their child. Furthermore, the reports of the educational consultants will be published on a monthly basis and on the other hand the reports indicating the academic results will be published quarterly.

Where do students come from?

They come from all over the world: Cambodia, India, Mozambique, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Bangladesh and of course, Italy.

Where do teachers come from?

Teachers come from USA, Brazil, Slovenia, Italy, Austria.


When does School begin?

School begins 3rd September 2019 and ends 19th June 2020. Christmas break begins 19th December and ends 7th January. Easter holidays goes from 10th to 17th April.

At what time do classes begin?

Classes begin at 8AM and end at 4.15PM, Monday to Friday, with lunch break from 1.15PM to 2PM.

What time will the lessons follow?

Classes will be held from Monday to Friday, from 08.00 to 16.45. From 12.45 to 13.45 there will be a lunch break, where the students can go to the school canteen.


Is the student allowed to return home during the weekends?

Of course, any student may go home during the weekends or during the holidays. Our suggestion is to take advantage of all the sports and CAS activities promoted by GSO, especially those at the weekend, to encourage integration with students from foreign countries and to implement self-management skills as well as their independence.

Are animals admitted at School?

No, they are not.

Do you organise school trips? How many? Where?

Yes, school trips are organised and based also on students’ preferences and availability. We try to have one trip per month, mainly in Italy. Trips abroad may be arranged only within EU. They are preferably set for the weekends.


Is it possible to introduce alcohol inside the campus?

No, it is strictly forbidden.

Is it possible to smoke inside the campus?

No, it is forbidden to smoke all over the campus area, no matter the age of the person.

Do you provide school bus service?

No, the school doesn’t provide a private transport service. However, right outside the campus, there is a bus stop. Oderzo bus and train stations are located within a few hundred meters from the campus.


GSO programme seems quite hard. Do you think my child could have difficulties in accomplishing it?

GSO study programme can seem unusual and demanding, but one of its strengths is the individualized learning. This means the classes are made up of few students, where everyone is closely looked after, to find the best teaching and learning strategies for everyone. This, together with the innovative IST approach, helps the student to work on weaknesses and develop those skills needed to be balanced and well organized.

Are there exams to sit at the end of the programme?

Yes, exams take place at the end of the two years and are externally marked by Cambridge.Students receive one certificate for each subject they successfully pass.

What can I do after two years of IGCSE?

At the end of IGCSE, students have gained the skills and competences required to apply for pre-university programmes that last two years, such as the IB Diploma Programme.

What happens if a student wants to leave school before the end of the year?

The student can talk with the school counsellor whenever he/she feels concerned about his/her future, and have assistance in making the right decision. If students and parents agree on leaving the school, all documents will be prepared for allowing the student to enter another school.

If a foreing student wants to leave after the first year, can he/she stay in Italy?

All documents will be prepared to allow the student to continue his/her studies in another school. For visa reasons, the student will have to find another school in Italy to be allowed to stay in this country to live.