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The concert and the identity of the school

Music courses in middle and high school are constantly increasing in terms of students, due to the high quality of the musicians who have been selected as teachers. Primary Music teachers are all graduates of the conservatory. The hour of Music is therefore the occasion to enhance the talent of children and play a very […]

Massimiliano, the instigator

I learned, from my experience as a teacher and director, that there are at least four dimensions of adolescence. The length of time, which seems to never end, and which triggers continuous reflections on the final outcome of psychological and personal character. If it is true that the man qualifies and defines himself as he rises […]

Carlo and the parrots

Grade 12. Year of the Diploma. Carlo is a student in energy-saving mode. Often, he borders on passing grade. He switches between brilliant tests and barely passing grades. He looks as if he is afraid of being too good – therefore, as soon as he gets a good mark, he needs to immediately set for a passing […]

The dealing: how can we help students?

Massimo was 18 years old and was a grade 11 when, that day of February, he didn’t come to school. “Teacher, he’s been arrested”, his classmates told me. “He was caught with a bag full of ecstasy pills in his pocket”. I hadn’t experience an absence for arrest before. How did Massimo end up in […]