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GSO summer reading list 2019

10th July 2019

A short list of readings perfect for warm summer evenings, hot days lying…

The pickpocket: school dynamics

28th June 2019

It seems interesting to me to highlight an aspect of trust which it…

Graduation Day

12th June 2019

The graduation ceremony of IST-Multicampus DP2 students. By Elisabetta Casonato.

The Nazareth Family: a meeting among people

6th June 2019

By Giordano Casonato, Head of GSO School

Of Dragons and Enchanted Castles

5th June 2019

“Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons…

Music concert at GSO

29th May 2019

On Monday 20th May, at GSO school there was a music concert proposed…

Kindness is free

21st May 2019

By Eva, GSO student

Comparing Italian and international education systems

17th May 2019

The Italian Education System varies a lot in regard to the international ones,…

The tutoring family

9th May 2019

By Giordano Casonato, Head of GSO School

Brandofestival 2019

2nd May 2019

On April, 5th, GSO students joined the Brando Festival and showed off their…

World Book Day 2019

18th April 2019

On the occasion of the World Book Day, this year our school wants…

The “private-detective” family

18th April 2019

This is a very peculiar event that represents a borderline case of how…

Engim experience: are you ready for pizza?

17th April 2019

On Wednesday the 27th of March, all of us, students of GSO, experienced…

The fisherman: trusting the students

21st March 2019

New story by Giordano Casonato, about the importance of trusting students, and making…

Boarding trip: Serravalle

20th March 2019

Museo della Battaglia in Ceneda, Santa Augusta Shrine, Serravalle, Revine lakes, Laser Beam:…

Inauguration of GSO Library

14th March 2019

On Saturday, 9th of February, at GSO there has been the inauguration of…

Motivation: what is it really?

11th March 2019

Motivation /ˌməʊtɪˈveɪʃ(ə)n/ a feeling of enthusiasm or interest that makes you determined to do something You can do anything if you’ve got the…

Carnival Catwalk 2019

6th March 2019

The annual GSO Carnival Catwalk took place again: enjoy!

Boarding trip: Trieste and Aquileia

1st March 2019

February trip for boarding students took place in Trieste and Aquileia: enjoy some…

Massimiliano, the instigator

12th February 2019

I learned, from my experience as a teacher and director, that there are…

We remembered the Holocaust

4th February 2019

On the occasion of International Remembrance Day, we reflected on the meaning and…

Time travel: first Christmas in Italy

30th January 2019

Food! Yes, I smell food every time I opened the door of this…

Generation Z – what is it?

28th December 2018

Our tradition of identifying age groups with symbolic names dates back at 1912, with the Depression…

Riccardo: a challenge for the school

21st December 2018

Riccardo is often sleepy and absent-minded: a challenge for his teachers at school.

Uni-day in Verona

14th December 2018

On Saturday the 1st of December we went to the Job&Orienta in Verona where we…

Thanksgiving Dinner

12th December 2018

On Wednesday the 28th of November, here in GSO we (students) organised a…

Carlo and the parrots

28th November 2018

Grade 12. Year of the Diploma. Carlo is a student in energy-saving mode. Often, he…

How to make the right choice for your children’s future

22nd November 2018

When it comes to make a decision for your children’s future, it never happens to be…

Biology Project

13th November 2018

The main starting topic of the all biology courses, is the cell structure…

The dealing: how can we help students?

25th October 2018

Massimo was 18 years old and was a grade 11 when, that day…

A day in Ferrara

17th October 2018

On Saturday, the 29th of September we (Anna, Blanca and Elisabetta) together with…

Why Italy? From the past to nowadays

15th October 2018

Travelling to Italy is rooted in ancient times, when pilgrims used to walk around the…

Reflections: parents and school working together

2nd October 2018

The last two episodes narrated lead us to considerations of a general nature that…

The beginning of a new year

27th September 2018

Farah, Sithis, Oliveira, Sara, Anna, Grigorii, Lorenzo, Giacomo, Eva, Pietro, Aayan, Elisabetta and…

School and misconduct: the theft

19th September 2018

Different event, different situation, same ending: guilty people discovered. Grade 7, PE class,…

Who are the change-makers of today?

28th August 2018

At GSO and IB World Schools across the board, the student is not only required…

Phony bills at school

3rd August 2018

There’s one thing that excites me about working within the school network: with students…

GSO: tradition and innovation

2nd August 2018

Literally, coming from Latin, Gentium Schola Opitergium (GSO) means school of the peoples, in Oderzo,…

Cristina and the English school

18th July 2018

Cristina is a wonderful person indeed. She studies and achieves the highest marks.…

GSO Summer Reading List 2018

12th July 2018

Summer is here and you have already packed your luggages, but you are…

End of school year party: for a lively school

7th July 2018

It’s the last day of school. Grade-12 students have been working hard and tirelessly…

Theory of Knowledge – what is it?

27th June 2018

What is TOK? Theory of Knowledge – popularly recognised simply as TOK – is…

Last day of school: a journey towards the identity

21st June 2018

Last day of school, last day of boarding school, last moments of community…

The lawyer family: the logic of failure

15th June 2018

Telling the stories of past school-life experiences, I purposely chose the most striking,…

Multiple intelligences – what are they?

31st May 2018

The idea of Intelligence has changed across the centuries, by virtue of different…

Writing competition – CAS project

29th May 2018

On Wednesday, May 9, here at GSO school a writing competition took place. It took…

Annalisa the go-go dancer: the role of teachers

25th May 2018

Third lesson of the morning with the grade 11 chartered accountant class: Business…

Irene, the teacher and Business Management: human relationships inside the class

7th May 2018

Irene stops me at the bus station, wearing a smile as big as…

The importance of learning Italian

28th April 2018

As an International School, GSO highly values English: all subjects, with the exception…

World Book Day Project: the GSO team introduces itself

23rd April 2018

Kim Philot – IB Coordinator and English A Teacher My favorite book (of…

Why IB? International education from the GSO IB Coordinator’s point of view

18th April 2018

I have lost count of how many times I have been asked why…

A three-metre sandwich: feeding teacher-student relationships

13th April 2018

There are classes that enter your heart: you can’t forget them, even as…

Milan MUN 2018

6th April 2018

On March, 21st – 25th, 2018, as an opportunity proposed by the students,…

Confronting educational approaches

30th March 2018

Friday 30 March 2018 When choosing the right school for you child, it may…

Junior School meeting – March 26th 2018

19th March 2018

Monday 19 March 2018 GSO organises an informative meeting on Monday, 26th March 2018,…

Business Management visits

16th March 2018

February 28th and March 6th, 2018 Since the beginning of the school year,…

The importance of learning English

28th February 2018

Learning English at school is becoming more and more compulsory rather than a…

Venice under the rain, February 12th 2018

19th February 2018

Last Monday, the 12th of February, we (GSO students) went to Venice to…

GSO visit to the United World College of the Adriatic: UWC

16th February 2018

A thick fog was covering our car when we arrived in Duino, in…

5 reasons to choose the IGCSE

14th February 2018

Because it is a programme specifically built for teenagers that face life tenaciously…

What is IGCSE?

5th February 2018

The Cambridge IGCSE programme is an international curriculum designed for students aged 14…

Flash Mob 28th January 2018

30th January 2018

On Sunday the 28th January, GSO organised a dancing flash mob in Treviso.

Informative event, January 17th 2018

24th January 2018

Last Wednesday, the 17th of January, GSO school decided to host an informative…

Open Day 21st January

18th January 2018

GSO opens its doors to all those interested in learning more on our programmes and on…

GSO is a Cambridge School

9th January 2018

Gentium Schola Opitergium (GSO) is proud to announce that it has now officially…

Happy new year from GSO!

1st January 2018

We wish you a wonderful new year with this video full of emotions.

Time management to improve your study skills

21st December 2017

As the end of the year is approaching, improving your study skills may…

Admissions open

20th December 2017

GSO admissions for 2018/2019 are now open!

Sunday 26th November, GSO joins Open Factory

16th November 2017

GSO is pleased to welcome all those interested in visiting our school and…

Inauguration day, October 13th 2017

19th October 2017

Excited and nervous was the school for the big event! Chaos in the…

Rechsteiner farm, September 27th 2017

6th October 2017

On the 27th of September we went to the Rechsteiner Farm in Oderzo.…

First day of school: the beginning of a life-long journey

4th September 2017

The speech of Giordano Casonato, Head of GSO, on the occasion of the…

Our House Parent introduces herself

24th August 2017

Alessia Geromel – House Parent I studied Chinese language at Ca’ Foscari University…

Mid-August holiday in Italy

15th August 2017

15 August is holiday in Italy. If you’re wondering why, read the article…

GSO summer reading list

10th August 2017

Emma by Jane Austen Emma Woodhouse, the heroine Jane Austen thought would never…

A dive into Opitergium

24th July 2017

When I was asked to find five reasons why Oderzo is worth moving…

3 reasons to choose the IB

20th July 2017

For its Programme Becoming part of an IB World School means joining a…

Teaching History on the IB Diploma Programme

29th June 2017

One of the questions I am often asked by parents is whether their…

GSO and International Baccalaureate: IB facts

21st June 2017

IBO is an international organisation founded in 1968. Since then, it has developed…

GSO IB World School: what does this mean?

1st June 2017

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is a curriculum which allows the students the opportunity to…

GSO is officially an IB World School

22nd May 2017

After a rigorous process of selection, GSO has officially obtained the status of…

CAS: a journey designed for you, by you

6th April 2017

When you think back to the most beautiful and positive memories of the…

What is a Master Of Talent? Interview with Giordano Casonato

9th February 2017

When reflecting on my academic and professional life, I naturally think of those…

Interview with Marco Bianchi – Master Of Talent

7th February 2017

Marco Bianchi is 39 years old and has a wide range of passions, such…

Interview with Giorgio De Carlo – Master Of Talent

1st February 2017

Giorgio De Carlo is 50 years old, lives in Breda di Piave and…

At school with a Master Of Talent: William Bertoia

27th January 2017

William Bertoia lives in Arzene in the Province of Pordenone. He completed his…

Meet your teachers day

27th January 2017

GSO LOOKS FORWARD TO INTRODUCING YOU TO ITS TEACHERSOn Saturday, 11th February 2017, Gentium Schola Opitergium…

London Music Weekend

25th January 2017

GSO will be taking part in the LONDON MUSIC WEEKEND. Can you sing…

GSO will hold its first session of pre-selections for admission

2nd January 2017

Monday 02 January 2017 On Sunday, January 22nd, GSO will hold its first session…

On December 3rd, the first GSO Open Day was held

9th December 2016

On December 3rd, the first GSO Open Day was held: the International School of…

AIBWSI welcomes Gentium Schola Opitergium

6th December 2016

It is with pleasure that we announce that GSO is officially a candidate member…

Gentium Schola Opitergium opens its doors to the public

17th November 2016

On Saturday 3rd December, our Head of School, Giordano Casonato, the IB coordinator, Barbara…

GSO is going to meet future high-school students

14th November 2016

GSO will be available to meet with future high school students. Our staff…

International learning and learning to be international

27th October 2016

I do not want my house to be walled in on all sides…

Oderzo – the International School of Talents for 15-18 year-old students, opening in September 2017

26th October 2016

In a crowded room of the Brandolini Rota Institute, on the night of…

Come and meet us on October 26th!

15th September 2016

GSO is pleased to introduce you its team and its pedagogical model. We…

GSO is pleased to introduce the Musical Theatre T!Lab

15th September 2016

This talent lab is an initiative organised by GSO in the setting of…

The Extended Essay: individual student interest and talent meet academic inquiry

9th September 2016

The extended essay was one of the milestones in my education, as it…

GSO presents the T!labs

31st August 2016

These talent labs are an early initiative proposed by GSO at Brandolini Rota.…