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GSO: tradition and innovation

Literally, coming from Latin, Gentium Schola Opitergium (GSO) means school of the peoples, in Oderzo, thus underlining the bond between local and global territory. Of the peoples, as during the ancient Roman times, the concept of internationality was not yet developed — there were the peoples, the communities instead. Therefore, this is a school praising strong and deep roots in Oderzo (the ancient Opitergium established by the Romans), where it was born, but also aiming at building solid, resistant, fruitful connections not only with the remaining nation but also with Europe and the whole world.

IST, standing for International School of Talents, emphasising innovation and openness towards the modernity, by virtue of a modern use of the word international, keeping together the peoples, in order to achieve fruitful collaborations with countries across the world.

Of Talents, stressing its aim to help present-day youth discover and nurture their passions, providing them with the means to grow, thanks to the cooperation among different countries, firms, schools, mentalities and methodologies too.

GSO school is located inside the long-established Brandolini Rota campus in Oderzo, born long time ago, precisely in 1889. GSO therefore benefits from its extensive gardens and parks devoted to the students, where they can let their minds flow freely, surrounded by nature, or study inside a peaceful and quiet environment.

If the outside spaces and Brandolini buildings are part of a long historical tradition, GSO building is instead characterised by innovation and modernity, with cutting-edge flexible classrooms. At GSO, the boards are the walls of the classrooms and the interactive projectors are used to help the students understand the lessons to the fullest, as they allow students to actively participate and collaborate to the developing of the classes.

Yes, because the traditional teaching method where the teacher explains the concepts and the student passively listens, is completely revolutionised by the international programmes offered by Gentium Schola Opitergium. Cambridge IGCSE and IB Diploma programme leave room for an active participation of the students in class, rather than treating them as simple recipients of information. This practically means flipped classroom, collaboration among students and among students and teachers, up to real student-led classes, held with the help of the teachers.

Nevertheless, at GSO we do not forget that high-tech support like computers, interactive projectors and smart boards (IWB) should not overshadow the importance of a well-rounded development of the young, made also through traditional methods of study support. The students are therefore provided access to a wide and well-equipped physical library, where data can be reached on paper materials, books and documents, shared with the other students of the campus. In case of deeper researches, both students and staff may have access to the Brandolini libraries, in addition to the online resources also provided.

Science and Physics labs, moreover, are equipped with microscopes and cutting-edge devices, to carry on the teaching of scientific subjects in depth, with both theoretical and practical experiments and tests.

At GSO we continuously look for connections across time, among past, present and future and we firmly believe that it is only by virtue of these joined forces and resources that the dream school can be realised — a student-centred school, supporting pupils in the development of their skills, in the improvement of their education, essential to achieve future success, in the development of talent and in pursuing their passions.