What is a Master Of Talent? Interview with Giordano Casonato - GSO

What is a Master Of Talent? Interview with Giordano Casonato

When reflecting on my academic and professional life, I naturally think of those people who have conveyed to me the desire to live life to the fullest.

I remember…

my parents, from whom I have inherited some of my character traits, and who encouraged me to pursue my dreams.

A teacher who rewarded me when I did more than required in maths, motivating me to improve.

A priest from the Giuseppini confraternity who guided me in my spiritual development, instilling in me the belief that everyone should be treated as a “person.”

A university professor who taught me the essence of the right of workers, extremely useful along my professional path as a teacher, a leader and an entrepreneur.

Character building, the motivation to study, spiritual and ethical exploration and professional training are key elements for individual development.

Using these considerations as a starting point, and referencing the experiences gained at school and at work, I finally asked myself: “What are the key needs of school today?” “What do students need in order to better perform in school and in life?” The answer came to me spontaneously: we need educational ‘Masters’.

This outlines the Master Of Talent: a critical entity within GSO educational project, supporting and complementing the relationship between parents, students and teachers and encouraging students’ development.

The Master Of Talent, particularly referred to in one or two multiple intelligences identified by H. Gardner, has human and professional qualities, which provide the potential to act as a student ‘guide’ or mentor for their university and career choices.

That person is passionate about his/her work, at which he/she excels for at least 10 years – or for shorter periods according to the principle of “eminence” – which allows the national and international community to recognize him/her as a benchmark in the field.

The ‘Master’ maintains excellent interpersonal relationships both in Italy and abroad, making interculturalism an integral part of life.

The Master of Talent subscribes to and personifies the Mission and the Educational Principles of GSO, based on internationalism and talent.


Giordano Casonato

Head of GSO School


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