Informative event, January 17th 2018 - GSO

Informative event, January 17th 2018

Last Wednesday, the 17th of January, GSO school decided to host an informative event for the students of the last year of middle school to let them know more about the Cambridge-IGCSE and the IB-DP programmes.

The event was set in the library of the school, one of the school parts that I personally love most. It started with an introduction by Giordano Casonato, who is the Director of the school: he introduced the school talking about what GSO is and from where the idea was born. Then he talked about the importance of having interest and motivation to attend this school, because these features make the students unique.

He underlined the relevance of attending a school of this kind, a school that shows the world from another perspective and gives us (students) the opportunity to discover who we are and who we want to become in an alternative way, totally different from the others because it is based on our talents and our fascinations.

The Director also spoke about the relationship between the school and the student’s family saying that they need to share the same ideals, otherwise the students cannot be balanced.

The last important thing he said was about our teachers, that have an untraditional approach to students and school. In fact, every Wednesday morning the lessons start two hours later than usual, as the teachers have two hours of meeting where they discuss about how the students are, if they are overloaded with work, etc…

Then Nicoletta Sforzin, who is the IB CAS coordinator, explained in detail the Cambridge-IGCSE and the IB school programmes.

It was a very interesting event which I hope shed light on the kind of school I am attending.

Elisabetta Casonato

GSO student