Library 4.0 - GSO

Library 4.0

RG Editore S.r.l. has been publishing books for several years, with a particular focus on Venetian Architecture books. Such a specialised kind of product, together with RG’s contemporary economic situation, resulted in broadening perspective and business.

Market surveys and RG’s distinguishing competences brought to the identification of a new targeted clientele: international schools, where intercultural interactive libraries need to be developed and improved.

Libraries are not only rooms that host books: conversely, they are places where knowledge, attitude, different abilities and cross skills can grow and improve, through the use of innovative educational materials and methods that help develop those educational skills essential for the continuous learning. This can be achieved only through the interplay of technology and an appropriate learning plan.

RG entrepreneurial idea, born out of this particular market demand, is made of an all-around offer covering planning, deployment and total management of the intercultural interactive library. The plan aims at realising a tested prototype of a library, that can be replicated into the relevant market as far as services matching material means are concerned – a sort of turn-key library. In order to reach such a goal, there is the need of an international school.


That school, located in the Veneto region and called GSO – Gentium Schola Opitergium, is set inside the Brandolini Rota campus and is an IB World School.
70% of this project is financed by the Veneto region.