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New Approach to Talents

Talent, The IB Learner Profile, and Approaches To Teaching and Learning (ATL)

GSO is a catalyst during a student’s time here, part of a longer journey of self-discovery. Encouragement of the personal exploration of one’s own interests takes place in a supportive social context in which others provide assistance. Dialogue and sharing is important; thus learning is not only student-centered but student-driven.

Each student is at the heart of our education, in the same way as every student is at the very center of the International Baccalaureate pedagogy. Our Mission stresses discovery, development, expansion and sharing of students’ personal talents.

Motivation – Relationships – Activities are the cornerstones of our education.

We strive to get to know every student really well and to learn from each of them. Fellow students, teachers, student advisors or mentors in the region may all contribute.

Gentium Schola Opitergium is called "International School of Talents" and offers a university preparatory programme which puts the individual with his or her own talents at the center of the learning process. The recognition, development and sharing of talent in a safe and caring environment is the very essence of this school community. In a mutually supportive social environment in which everyone - students, teachers, staff, and parents - is considered a learner, students are encouraged to develop themselves and to discover new talents.

The IB and GSO support activist, caring and knowledgeable global citizens, who are capable of critical thinking and are open to a multitude of world-views and perspectives. In pursuit of these goals we stress inquiry, communication, collaboration, reflection, creativity and innovation. The IB Diploma Programme is offered within an environment in which talents can flourish and promotes freedom of thought and choice, psychological and physical support for students, and learning as a lifestyle.
International School of Talents - IST is a pedagogical model, under development by GIF- Gruppo Insegnanti Formatori, a company accredited by the Veneto Region. IST encourages flexibility and open-mindedness. Discovery and activities are not confined to a classroom but extend to the entire learning community and to outside connections, local, national and international.

In reference to talent, students' development will be considered in regular stages as well as on a continuous basis. This includes, amongst others, the following:

  • Establishment of a “Talent Profile” using information gathered during the admission process and during the first weeks by means of appropriate questionnaires and conversations with the student;
  • Insertion of one or two days each semester dedicated to the exploration of how the talent(s) of an individual student are related to the academic framework of the school, to its activities and its extension programmes;
  • Identification of the “Masters of Talent” in the region and of other forms of possible mentorship and authentic experiences in order to support the development and sharing of a student’s talents;
  • Consideration by teachers, student advisors, coordinators and others of how best to encourage and support student talents in ongoing curricular and activity choices;
  • Establishment of a portfolio for each student recording achievements and personal growth and reflection.

We know that many of our students will have varied interests and they may not be fully aware of their own potential talents. They many not yet anticipate what new interests and abilities they will acquire as students of GSO.

Within the region, GSO aims to identify artists, entrepreneurs, musicians, athletes, scientists, and other role models who will share their experiences with our students, further motivating them in pursuit of their own talents.

Our teachers, together with role models who are identified within the community for being extremely successful in specific fields, called MASTER OF TALENTS, will provide an environment in which to further existing talents as well as encourage the search for new ones.