Writing competition - CAS project - GSO

Writing competition – CAS project

On Wednesday, May 9, here at GSO school a writing competition took place.

It took place because, as a student for the IB Diploma Programme, I have to adhere to the CAS programme. CAS is the acronym of CreativityActivity and Service, this is one of the main part that an IB student is required to have in order to get his/her diploma.

I chose to do a writing competition as my personal CAS project because I truly like writing and reading and because I believed it could have been a great possibility for the participants to discover a new hobby or passion.

The writing competition consisted in rewriting the end of one’s favorite book.

Once the writings were written, they had to be sent anonymously to 3 judges that were Kim Philot – who is the IB coordinator, Silvia Zanusso – who is the librarian and Elisa Pavan – who is the Italian ab initio teacher and also my CAS project supervisor.

The last passage was to announce the winner of the competition and so I decided to set it next to the reading corner which had been recently inaugurated.

The books that have been involved are White as the Milk, Red as the Blood by Alessandro D’Avenia, The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Killer in my Eyes by Giorgio Faletti and The Appointment – Horror Storiesby Edgar Allan Poe.

During the accomplishment of my CAS project there have been some hitches but they helped me understand what my weaknesses and what my strengths are: now, I am therefore aware of where and how I can personally improve.

In conclusion, I can say it had positive feedbacks and it has been an experience that truly enriched me and improved my skills of writing and creativity.

There is a lesson that I’ve learnt: it is always good to try our best to succeed in life.

I hope it will happen again in the future that others and I have to face experiences like this because they really convey and spread important themes and knowledge.


Elisabetta Casonato

GSO student