Venice under the rain, February 12th 2018 - GSO

Venice under the rain, February 12th 2018

Last Monday, the 12th of February, we (GSO students) went to Venice to experience the Carnival and also visit Ca’ Foscari University.

When we first arrived in Venice we visited the Ca’ Foscari Economics Library (BEC)  and, later, we joined a lesson of Business and Management.

After that, we went to visit the historic Ca’ Foscari palace where now some Ca’ Foscari students graduate. We had a guide who explained us all the history of the palace, he said that it belonged to the Doge Francesco Foscari, who is the doge who governed the most because his position lasted 34 years. The guide showed us the internal parts of the historic palace that is where some students display their Master’s thesis in order to achieve their last goal for their degree.

Later, we went all around Venice under the rain and we had a lot of fun visiting the little streets called “calli”.

We visited the magnificent Fondaco dei Tedeschi, an historic building which was the headquarters of the German merchants. From the top of this gorgeous building you can see the stunning skyline of the city.

We really enjoy that day in Venice, even under the rain!

We are ready for another experience in another town.

Elisabetta Casonato

GSO student