Talent Support

In reference to talent, the students' development will be considered in regular stages as well as on a continuous basis. This includes, amongst others, the following: 


  • Establishment of a “Talent Profile” using information gained in the admissions process and during the first weeks by means of appropriate questionnaires and conversations with the student 

  • Insertion of one or two days each semester dedicated to the exploration of how the talent(s) of an individual student are related to the academic framework of the school, to its activities and its extension programmes 

  • Identification of the “Masters of Talent” in the region and of other forms of possible mentorship and authentic experiences in order to support the development and sharing of a student’s talents 

  • Consideration by teachers, student advisors, Coordinators and others of how best to encourage and support student talents in ongoing curricular and activity choices 

  • Establishment of a portfolio for each student recording achievements and personal growth and reflection 

GSO affirms that every individual has needs as well as talents. 

We do not consider certain learning needs as “deficits,” just as we consider talents as something essential to each person and not an “extra” or “surplus” of some kind. 


GSO is an inclusive school and serves students with intellectual, physical, social, emotional, linguistic and other special learning needs. Support is provided within a student-centered environment in order to meet a variety of learning needs.  A collaborative approach is used when identifying and meeting the needs of students in order to best address each student’s learning style and to offer differentiated instruction. 

For further details, see our GSO Special Educational Needs and Development of Talents Policy.