Rechsteiner farm, September 27th 2017 - GSO

Rechsteiner farm, September 27th 2017

On the 27th of September we went to the Rechsteiner Farm in Oderzo. The first thing we did when we arrived there was a challenge: we had to cut off the vineyards the more grapes we could. Then we were shown how the fermentation process works: it was very interesting as we understood which is the difference in making red wine and white wine. The difference lies in the marc (the grape peel): to make red wine, the marc must be kept during the whole fermentation process. Conversely, the marc must be removed before white wine fermentation process starts.

After this, the Rechsteiner owner showed us the farm cellars: they date back to the seventeenth century! There is a section called “the romantic” because it is very old and has different kinds of wood barrels. The owner also explained us that the wine may become vinegar if the air is allowed to flow inside the barrels: therefore, it is very important to fill them to the fullest. The whole establishment was built before the first world war and during that conflict, the building had been used by the Army.

Thereafter, we went to the stunning Rechsteiner garden, which includes a tiny lake scattered in water lilies. We were asked to make a draw of the scenery that surrounded us: it was like a Monet painting. Once we were done with the drawing, our biology teacher took us to the botanical garden and told us to find out the types and the names of some plants that were around us. At the end of the afternoon we had a sort of happy hour meal: we ate different kinds of pork, salami and cheese matched with Rechsteiner wine for the teachers and juice for us students.

We all immensely enjoyed this experience, us students in particular. I asked my peers to share their opinions with me and here are their impressions.

It was very funny, I enjoyed it and I had a few experience about wines.

Oliveira Martaona

It was knowledgeable, something new to us and the area was visually appealing.

Farah Minwalla

I immensely enjoyed the fresh environment and learnt a lot in a day.

Sithis Yimsamnang

I’ve never done an experience like that. It was very funny and I learnt a lot of interesting thing.

Elisabetta Casonato

GSO student