Grade 10*

Study Programme

Grade 10 year prepares students for the IB Diploma Programme within three important areas:

  1. Subject-based: preparation for subjects that will be studied within the IBDP;
  2. Approaches to Learning: introduction to the learner profile and to relevant IBDP learning concepts and research skills (including preparation for the requirements of CAS, Extended Essay and TOK);
  3. Personal counselling: helping students with their academic choices based on both their personal interests and on eventual university requirements. Individual talents will also act as motivating factors in educational programme selection.

Grade 10 at GSO prepares students for the two-year IB programme while meeting the requirements of the Italian national education system for the third year of "Liceo Linguistico Europeo con gestione dell’autonomia”.

N.B: All subjects will be subject to final test if the students wants to have Grade 10 recognised in Italy.

Successful completion of Grade 10 will, in most cases, allow students to continue with the IB Diploma Programme .


*This programme will not be offered after June 2019

Eligible Students:

  1. Italian students who have successfully completed “seconda superiore” and want to experience an international education;
  2. Foreign students who are living in Italy and completed "seconda superiore" in an Italian school

N.B: applications from foreign students not currently living in Italy will be evaluated on a "case by case" basis.

Also, students might be asked to take entry tests before enroling in Grade 10.  


The curriculum of Grade 10 is based on IB educational methods, supporting the development of critical thinking, a strong focus on international and cross-cultural perceptions, individual study and collaborative learning. For example, in the English course, there is a strong emphasis on the development of research and language skills, as well as literary analysis and an appreciation of world literature.