Our House Parent introduces herself - GSO

Our House Parent introduces herself

Alessia Geromel – House Parent

I studied Chinese language at Ca’ Foscari University in Venice and during my studies I went twice to China. Living there I got acquainted with Chinese culture and traditions, but I also met guys coming from different countries all over the world.

I am very excited to begin this new adventure, being the boarding House Parent! It is a great challenge that gives me a huge responsibility but, as a good scout leader, I feel ready. The students and I are going to mix our different cultures and lifestyles: it will be like traveling around the world! I will take care of them, but I’m sure I will also learn a lot from them.

Look wide, beyond your immediate surroundings and limits, and you see things in their right proportion. Look above the level of things around you and see a higher aim and possibility to your work.

Robert Baden-Powell –