wednesday 17 october 2018

A day in Ferrara

On the 29th September, GSO students visited the beautiful town of Ferrara. What were their feelings? Enjoy your reading!
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thursday 27 september 2018

The beginning of a new year

First article of the year written by our students: enjoy!
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thursday 12 july 2018

GSO Summer Reading List 2018

Summer is here and you have already packed your luggages, but you are still unsure about the books to take with you and read under the sun or while chilling out on a lazy summer evening? We’re helping you with this list of brand-new issues and much more, ready to be read!

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thursday 21 june 2018

Last day of school: a journey towards the identity

It has been a year full of meaningful educational experiences. Read the article by GSO Head of School Giordano Casonato!
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friday 30 march 2018

Confronting Educational Approaches

GSO organises two events to outline and compare different educational approaches.
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friday 09 february 2018

5 reasons to choose the IGCSE

Are you wondering why you should choose Cambridge IGCSE? Here are some reasons why this international experience may be a great choice for your future. Read our artile!
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tuesday 30 january 2018

Flash Mob 28th January 2018

On Sunday the 28th January, GSO organised a dancing flash mob in Treviso. Find out more!
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thursday 18 january 2018

Open Day 21st January

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monday 08 january 2018

GSO is a Cambridge School

Gentium Schola Opitergium (GSO) is proud to announce that it has now officially obtained the accreditation for Cambridge - IGCSE.

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monday 01 january 2018

Happy New Year from GSO!

At GSO we say goodbye to 2017 with our hearts filled with joy and sweet memories: this has been our first year of life.
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