Adolescence, perhaps the most interesting of all ages. And yet, one of the most troubling and hard to identify. Find out more!
On the occasion of International Remembrance Day, we reflected on the meaning and consequences of the Holocaust. Here are the reflections of one of our students: read more!
Our boarding student Sithis spent his Christmas break at a hosting family in Italy, experiencing Italian Christmas food and traditions.
We live in a world where every generation is given a different name, starting from the Depression Era, up to present-day Generation Z. But how are these generations defined? Let’s have a look!
Riccardo is often sleepy and absent-minded: a challenge for his teachers at school.

Our students went to visit Verona and its education fair. Here are their impressions!

By Elisabetta Casonato

On Wednesday the 28th of November, here in GSO we (students) organised a Thanksgiving dinner. We wanted to make people aware of how lucky they are being loved and show them our gratefulness.

Personal interests and school: how can they enrich each other?
Troubles in making a good decision for your children's future? We prepared some tips that may help you!

Our Biology teacher made up a project of cells modelling together with the students. Find out more and enjoy some pictures in this article!

New story by Giordano Casonato, Head of GSO School, dealing with another kind of violation: enjoy your reading!
On the 29th September, GSO students visited the beautiful town of Ferrara. What were their feelings? Enjoy your reading!
Italy has always been one of the main destinations for study and tourism, at least since the Middle Age onwards. But why? Why Italy? And who used to visit this country? Has it ever been the same range of people or did it change over time?
What benefits may a collaboration among schools and parents have? What if they worked as allies rather than opponents? Learn more!
First article of the year written by our students: enjoy!
New story by Giordano Casonato, Head of GSO school - today he will tell about another kind of misbehaviour: find out more!
The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow Nelson Mandela stated. But is it really so?
GSO-International School of Talents, holds inside its name the union of innovation and tradition.
At the core of the IB Diploma Programme stand three elements: CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service), EE (Extended Essay) and TOK (Theory of Knowledge). In this article, we are going to analyse what TOK is and its aim.