Neither neglect nor condemn a student: take the mistakes made as opportunities to raise civic awareness, instead.

GSO-International School of Talents, holds inside its name the union of innovation and tradition.
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Summer is here and you have already packed your luggages, but you are still unsure about the books to take with you and read under the sun or while chilling out on a lazy summer evening? We’re helping you with this list of brand-new issues and much more, ready to be read!

At the core of the IB Diploma Programme stand three elements: CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service), EE (Extended Essay) and TOK (Theory of Knowledge). In this article, we are going to analyse what TOK is and its aim.
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Elisabetta, grade 10 student, shares with us her impressions on her CAS project: a writing competition launched among GSO community. Find out more!
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