Interview with Marco Bianchi - Master Of Talent - GSO

Interview with Marco Bianchi – Master Of Talent

Marco Bianchi is 39 years old and has a wide range of passions, such as travelling and scuba diving. He is CEO at Moca, a performance marketing agency located in Treviso. That is, an agency that employs the web as a useful means for its clients in online related businesses.

Marco is an excellent listener good at learning quickly, a skill that has always given him and still gives him the opportunity to take on high level responsibility, up to his present-day coordination of a group of twenty people, in Moca.

Moca was founded in 2004, two years before Marco’s arrival at the agency. It is by virtue of his own talent that in a short time Marco was able to first become a business partner and then the CEO and the mentor of the agency.

According to Marco, what’s important is the study method, which is the way you try and train your mind to learn quickly while saving time to be dedicated to other useful activities for your personal education. In Marco’s own educational path, no one ever forced him to follow a preset direction: he has always been left free to follow his passions, advised and supported by those who stood beside him. This is the main reason why Marco is successful in his life.

Therefore, in Marco’s opinion, this is why our self is made of all those who believed in us and supported us, giving us the opportunity to develop our skills and talents, starting from our parents, but reaching also potential children.

On a professional basis, those figures who helped him improving his talent are many and varied. His abilities have also been mixed together, without remaining isolated.

Marco is proud to say that, every day, his daughters teach him a great amount of things, thanks to and through the typical innocence of children.

Marco’s suggestion to a GSO student is not to accept manuals, but focus instead on the so-called soft skills – those crossing competences that have to do mainly with the communication skills, listening skills and inter-personal skills: the most difficult skills to nurture and to be taught. The ability to adapt and change is another focus in educational development.

Marco’s main value while working is his focus on the business climate and on how one’s job reflects on his/her own everyday life. He primarily aims at making his clients and colleagues glad and satisfied.

Marco thinks that creativity deserves a great amount of deference and, in doing his job, he needs to merge it with science, in order to reach the goals he wants to achieve. Cross-cultural exchange is a further core element and should be continuously nurtured at work, also through trips abroad.

As you watch Marco Bianchi Master of Talent video, we leave you with a sentence that particularly touched us:

I like thinking and knowing that there are places – schools – where the central idea is nurturing talent.

Marco Bianchi