Interview with Giorgio De Carlo - Master Of Talent - GSO

Interview with Giorgio De Carlo – Master Of Talent

Giorgio De Carlo is 50 years old, lives in Breda di Piave and works as a pollster. He graduated in Sociology at the University of Trento and then, eager to specialize and establish himself in his field, he immediately went looking for his first job.

Unfortunately, the first search was unsuccessful, despite the 100 Curriculum Vitae forwarded to a number of renowned companies in the area. He had not received any positive responses.

So De Carlo decided to try his luck by moving to different areas of Italy and getting involved by using other skills to start his career. However, it was the desire to stay in his home territory and to finally use the knowledge gained over many years of study that led him to found Quaeris, the company of which he is director and now has several offices in Italy.

During this interview, we learned more about Giorgio De Carlo as a Master Of Talent for GSO. First of all, we discovered that it was he who decided that his talent in the market research industry should not be wasted because after obtaining his degree in Sociology at Trent and having long tried to fit into any reality, his only possible solution was to create a company tailor-made for him and his needs.

He had the tenacity required for this profession as well as the dedication and desire to use his knowledge and to continuously develop it. These are precisely the principles and the advice he would give the students at GSO, in particular to those who have an aptitude for mathematics or sociology.

He asks his employees to show the same initiative that he had shown 20 years ago. In addition to mental flexibility and to interdisciplinary work, interpretation of data requires a different and customized approach each time according to the situation and initiative is especially important when it comes to dealing with unknown realities.

When he was asked who for him was a ‘master of talent’ and what that entails, De Carlo answered by saying,

The Master Of Talent is someone who is not afraid of sharing his or her talent, not selfish with his or her skills and even rejoices in seeing other people sharing the tools and the experience to ensure that they can be developed for a common good.

He added,

Of everyone, I think with great pleasure of Nicola Piepoli, still a famous pollster, from whom I picked up the tools of the trade and its insights.

As you watch the video of the Master of Talent Giorgio de Carlo, we leave you with a phrase that De Carlo himself used at the conclusion of the interview:

Activity and obligation are the two important words for my line of work and for life.

Giorgio De Carlo