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Why Italy? From the past to nowadays

Travelling to Italy is rooted in ancient times, when pilgrims used to walk around the country, for religious and penitentiary purposes. They were later joined by merchants and preachers, scholars and itinerant artists interested in admiring the beautiful countryside and the pieces of art left by their ancestors. Rome therefore became the main town, the main destination: everyone wanted to see the Colosseum, explore […]

Who are the change-makers of today?

At GSO and IB World Schools across the board, the student is not only required academic commitment, but also to be engaged in extra-curricular activities, beside being encouraged to put into play his/her talent for the community advantage. Why investing in this kind of experiences? The world is longing for change Poverty, hunger, peace, climate change, sustainable development, equal opportunities […]

GSO: tradition and innovation

Literally, coming from Latin, Gentium Schola Opitergium (GSO) means school of the peoples, in Oderzo, thus underlining the bond between local and global territory. Of the peoples, as during the ancient Roman times, the concept of internationality was not yet developed — there were the peoples, the communities instead. Therefore, this is a school praising strong and deep roots in Oderzo […]

GSO Summer Reading List 2018

Summer is here and you have already packed your luggages, but you are still unsure about the books to take with you and read under the sun or while chilling out on a lazy summer evening? We’re helping you with this list of brand-new issues and more, ready to be read!

Theory of Knowledge – what is it?

What is TOK? Theory of Knowledge – popularly recognised simply as TOK – is a subject that all IB candidates must take during the 2 two years of the Diploma Programme. In brief, the subject is about answering the question “How do we know what we know?” in multiple contexts. To illustrate it, I can mention that in the […]

Multiple intelligences – what are they?

The idea of Intelligence has changed across the centuries, by virtue of different studies. Among them, Howard Gardner’s theory stands out. Who is Howard Gardner? Gardner was born in 1943 in Pennsylvania (USA) and became a cognitive psychologist, in addition to being an author by virtue of his writings on the intelligences. Indeed, he theorised the existence of multiple intelligences: […]

The importance of learning Italian

As an International School, GSO highly values English: all subjects, with the exception of foreign languages and the corresponding literatures, are taught in English. However, this may result, from the point of view of Italians, in a lacking of their mother tongue teaching. Conversely, at GSO, we give deep importance to the Italian language and […]