Map - GSO


The Campus is equipped with the following outdoor spaces: two tennis courts, several volleyball and basketball fields, two football pitches, an athletic track. Those facilities are primarily meant for students, but are also open to teachers and the public.

The Campus is also equipped with two indoor gym halls.

Within the GSO building, there is a library available to all students and teachers, providing an atmosphere for studying and areas to relax. It is equipped with computers and software to access online resources. A librarian will be available to assist and guide students as well as to involve them in other educational initiatives. The teachers’ area is also located in the library.

The two floors accommodate the administrative office and a variety of learning spaces.

GSO has a Music space equipped with music instruments and a sound system. The school is currently planning the art space.

GSO shares Collegio Brandolini’s Chemistry and Biology Labs, which are equipped for hands-on activities of the IB programme. Students can also access Labs in the afternoon, when accompanied by a teacher or other authorised person.

A large lab with an amphitheatre is equipped with working tables and a whiteboard for students, as well as mechanical, optical, acoustic, thermodynamic, magnetic and electrostatic tools for lab activities.

At the centre of the campus is the main Brandolini Rota building, within which we will hold some GSO classes and provide educational areas, open spaces and labs. In the laboratories, there are numerous computers, connected to the Internet. Each lab includes a projector and software for Maths, Physics, Biology and Linguistic exercises. In particular, one of the laboratories is designated for the ECDL computer license: the Brandolini Institute is one of the Test Centres of the region.

The cafeteria, with its own kitchen, is a large, purpose-built room; it can host up to 250 students at one time.

Lab dedicated to baker apprenticeship courses of the Centro di Formazione Professionale Engim di Treviso “Istituto Turazza.”

Labs dedicated to hairdresser apprenticeship courses of the Centro di Formazione Professionale Engim di Treviso “Istituto Turazza”.

The theatre was opened in 1993. It has 420 seats (300 in the stalls and 120 on the balcony) and a large raised stage. This facility is used during the school year for several initiatives, i.e. the evening of Christmas greetings, the school festival, drama performances and school graduation.

The structure houses a Museum of Natural Science, used by teachers for specific purposes, and it can be visited by appointment. The first wing, built in 1938, contains several thousand fossils of each geological era in educational developmental sequence and numerous species of animals from around the world; the second, the Giol Museum (donated by the counts), hosts bird species of Italy, particularly of the Veneto region (some of them are endangered). About twenty of them are reviewed in the Italian Journal of Ornithology. The classroom inside, equipped with a computer and a projector, makes it a privileged place to conduct science classes.

The church, located close to the original, nineteenth-century Collegio and commissioned by the Bishop Sigismondo Brandolini Rota, is a special space of artistic interest. It is now used as a spiritual place for teachers and students to meet and for religious celebrations.

The Brandolini Rota historic library, situated in a safe and easily accessible area, provides an extraordinary collection of historical texts (including early volumes from the 16th century), mainly in Italian. At present, the collection is being reorganised to allow access for students and teachers, upon request. The twentieth-century texts will be available for students and teachers on shelves open to the public. The collection is focused on philosophical, theological, literary and historical subjects. There will be a teacher available to assist in the library. This area will be also dedicated to conferences, receptions, seminars, exhibitions and other public events.

The first floor of the GSO building houses the boarding student accommodations. The Houseparents’ room will be located on the floor with the students. Staff members who stay in the boarding facilities will also be available for students’ needs.

Inside the campus there is a large, well-protected park, providing a beautiful space in the nature with century-old trees. The park is accessible all day for educational and recreational activities for students.