At school with a Master Of Talent: William Bertoia - GSO

At school with a Master Of Talent: William Bertoia

William Bertoia lives in Arzene in the Province of Pordenone.

He completed his studies at the School of Mosaicists, Masters of Friuli, after years of training. In 1987, he opened Friul Mosaic, becoming one of the most famous mosaicist masters in the area, having completed work of international importance.

Among his most important projects: a floor mosaic in a Liberty Palace designed by Victoria Horta in Bruxelles, the mosaic for the Mater Dei Chapel in Rome, the Foro Italico on the occasion of Italia ’90, part of the Alberto Sordi Gallery in Rome, Nairobi’s Sanctuary, the mosaics on the Metropolitan station of Charles LeRoi in Belgium, and the covering of the cupola of the Nacional Nossa Senhora da Conceiçao Aparecida Sanctuary, in San Paolo, Brasil.

Benefitting from both his professional experience and his humanity, GSO has the privilege of working with William Bertoia as Master Of Talent within the Arts Department.

What is the Master of Talent at GSO?

The Master of Talent is a professional in his/her field who provides a base and a link for our pedagogical approach, a mentor who acts as a point of reference during the school programme for those students who show an interest in a particular subject area. In the case of William Bertoia, the subject is art. GSO is engaged in finding local Masters of Talent a wide range of talents (for further information about the Master of Talent at GSO, visit the Learning at GSO section on our website).

William Bertoia’s interview highlighted the importance of the role of a Master of Talent in determining a student’s predisposition and interest for a particular profession. In Bertoia’s field, creativity and new ideas, in addition to studies of technique, are fundamental. It requires experimentation and the ability to associate colours and techniques. It is necessary to have artistic talent.

Asked about his experience as a student, Master Bertoia told us about his own Master of Talent, the teacher in his last year at the Master Mosaicist’s School in Spilimbergo.

While during his first years he acquired the techniques, his last year provided the enrichment and passion through his ‘Master.’

Among others, he remembers with pleasure Master Severino Giacomello, at that time Head of School, and describes him as an artistic genius, able to draw on the blackboard with two hands at the same time. Bertoia says that “he was unique” because “the luck of having a teacher like this is fundamental to motivation. It makes you feel even more passionate about your work.”

During the interview the Master recounted several anecdotes and explained how he discovered his talent.