Talent AID

What is it?

A  scholarship  is an act of solidarity with young people in difficult conditions.  It is intended for students in danger, displaced because of war conditions, or those who are severely economic disadvantaged. Deserving students of the Giuseppini’s network may also be considered.

The project aims at providing students who would not otherwise be able to attend GSO with the opportunity for an excellent education, and it simultaneously contributes to a more diverse student population at GSO.


AID Plan

The award of scholarships, when available, supports the aim of GSO at helping young people in need and at gathering a diverse and international student body. In the selection process the following main considerations apply:

  • Candidates need to show an understanding of and commitment to the GSO Mission and Educational Beliefs.
  • Candidates have to be able to take on the academic challenges of the Grade 10 and IB Diploma programme at GSO (Grades 10-12).
  • As all GSO students, candidates are expected to reflect upon their talents and passions and to show a willingness to share this with others.

To find out more about GSO scholarship, please email admissions@gsoschool.com