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5 reasons to choose the IGCSE

  1. Because it is a programme specifically built for teenagers that face life tenaciously but also with uncertainty: the IGCSE aims at being a guide for students to help them understand what kind of life path is the most suitable to them. The IGCSE programme can do that by virtue of a targeted and personalised approach, led by trained teachers and tutors.
  2. Because it gives the students the opportunity to be responsible for themselves. Indeed, it’s the student who is in charge of designing his/her own curriculum, depending on his/her personal interests, talents and the future he/she wants to build. From a list of subjects, the students can choose those that are more suitable to them and at which level to study the chosen subjects. Doing this, they are encouraged to actively get engaged in the making of their own future and life.
  3. Because it provides the student with a high-level education that allows them to aim high and gain success. By virtue of the excellent preparation it gives to students, IGCSE is the first step towards the admittance to the most prestigious universities all around the world.
  4. Because it is a two-year programme: therefore, it allows students to better understand what they like most and what they instead dislike, before deciding the subjects to take for their Diploma. After the IGCSE, in fact, students are asked to opt for pre-university studies and decide what subjects to focus on.
  5. Because being in an international school allows the students to experience their education together with fellow students coming from all over the world, sharing passions, adversity, interests and life experiences with them. Students from the most different countries decide to enrol at such a high-quality programme and have the opportunity to share this experience with foreign peers, thus discovering and getting to know different cultures and customs. Growing up into an international environment makes the students develop open-mindedness and acceptance towards cultural diversity.


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