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3 reasons to choose the IB

  • For its Programme

Becoming part of an IB World School means joining a community that makes you feel comfortable and never alone. Through this amazing programme, students can focus on a limited number of subjects, chosen by the students themselves. Programmes are student-centred and of high-level quality, thanks to expert and specifically trained teachers. The traditional education system proves to be out of date, as we are living an era of change: the IB educational method is ideal for the growing up of future successful global citizens.

  • For its Students’ Future

IBO focuses on students’ future and on the whole global community by teaching its pupils the importance of enquiries, curiosity for international matters and risk-taking, in order to raise global citizens able to adapt to each different life situation. Moreover, IB prepares students to face life struggles without fear or hesitation. This is an innovative school conceiving that allows students to develop cross-curricular skills by virtue of a range of different activities. These skills give students the tools to successfully go over the hurdles they face in life, starting from managing study-time when dealing with a tough university exam, up to a job interview with particularly biting questions.

  • For its “Learning to be International” Purpose

As a global organisation, IB allows you to move from state to state without changing your scholastic programme, by choosing everywhere in the world a school that offers the same curriculum. In every IB World School there is the same stimulating and welcoming climate that makes students feel comfortable and like they never left their original school. Furthermore, by offering an internationally approved diploma, the International Baccalaureate gives you several impressive opportunities. IB students eager to enrol at a foreign university will be able to face the challenge with the advantage of an IB Diploma Programme preparation along with a certificate recognised by the world top-rated universities.

It is by virtue of such an impressive experience that students can learn an essential life lesson: to share and to empathise. Living with people coming from different countries makes students change their perspective, seeing real life from different points of view: they discover and get accustomed to new cultures, habits, traditions, taking a challenge and engaging with others. Moreover, this kind of programme aims at pushing and motivating its students on a practical, artistic and theoretical level: it provides the student with open-mindedness and liveliness that make him/her determined, careful and self confident.